Approaching the solstice

So, here we are, the longest day already depressingly imminent.

The year so far has been a chaotic whirlwind of caring duties; the seemingly endless repetition of those things generically known as ‘jobs’; outings and breaks hurriedly arranged (and therefore often inadequately prepared); rewilding bits of the garden while simultaneously unwilding others.

Forests; canals; some hills; Slimbridge multiple times to see the first arrivals of the Bewick swans and the final few stragglers prior to departure; Welney to observe the Whoopers gathering in the meadows, feasting on winter wheat before their long flight to Iceland and beyond; Mull a couple of weeks back, which needs to be done justice in a separate post sometime; a spring steam gala; a spring diesel gala; catching up on the news late in the day, realising it wasn’t ‘news’ at all, just more of the same…

And one photograph…


Taken on one of our local outings – a buzzard about to be mobbed by a couple of corvids. Rob was disappointed that the approaching jackdaws were out of focus, but I pointed out that when a moving object is shot at 1/640th of a second and 400mm* he was probably being a little too self-critical. 

* I only know this because Adobe Lightroom detects all of this information from the jpeg or raw file and displays it alongside the image, which hasn’t been edited by the way. Mostly we use Lightroom for its cataloguing capabilities; editing is a longer, steeper, learning curve.

Posted in a hurry – 20/06/2022

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